Wiki Instructions

To access the wiki:

1. Go to You will be taken to a login page.
2. First time users: click on “create a new account”; if you already have an account, click on “log in.”
3. If prompted for a password to access the vtsts site, enter “h0kies” [second character is a zero, not the letter O]
4. Click on “STS 5404 Modern American Science” to get to the course page.

To navigate the wiki:

The sidebar has a link to the VTSTS home page; the top bar has menus for individual courses.
(If you are on the “my account” page, you won’t have the sidebar or menubar; you can either hit the “back” button or click on “Sites & membership,” then “Member of” to bring up a link to VTSTS.)

To post comments in the forum:

Follow the “forum” link in the left sidebar or the menu for STS 5404, then select “Weekly Reading.” We may add additional forums.

To edit pages:

At the bottom of each page is an “edit” button. Plain text can simply be typed in the box. There are a series of buttons you can mouse over to see what they do (for example, to insert headers, html links, or links to pages within the wiki). There is also a link at the bottom for the “wiki syntax description” that gives a quick overview of how to do common editing tasks such as formatting or attaching files.

At the bottom of the edit screen are buttons for “cancel”, “view diff” (additions you have made since the last edit are underlined, deletions are crossed out), “preview,” “save & continue” (which keeps you in the editor), or “save” (which takes you back to the page). Note that if you use “preview,” you will see how the page looks with your edits, but your changes will not actually be saved until you hit “save” or “save and continue.” If you try to leave the editing page without saving you will get a reminder message.

Important: Before you do your final save, please enter some comments in the box headed “Short description of changes.” This is located just above the cancel/save/etc. buttons.

Pages will generally be divided into sections that can be individually edited. This allows multiple people to edit the page at the same time. Only one person can edit a section at a time; if the page does not have sections then only one person can edit the page at a time. Users get a 15-minute window to edit the section or page. Sections can be created simply by adding a header to the page. Then, click on “+options” in the bottom right corner of the page; a link for “edit sections” will appear on the line below. A link labled “edit” will appear next to each section; click on the link to edit only that section.

Attaching files to a page: Click on “files” (bottom of page”). A list of existing files will appear below, with a link for “upload new file.”

To add pages:

There is a box in the sidebar to “Add a new page.” Type the desired name of the page in the box and click on “new page” underneath. You will get an error message if you don’t type in a name or if the name is already taken. Otherwise you will be taken to the “page edit” page. Once you have created a page, anyone in the class can edit it.

Account options:

Click on “my account” at the top center of any page. At the bottom of the left sidebar are links for “account settings” (for changing your password, etc.) and “account profile” (to upload an avatar or add information about yourself that others can see).

Next to the “my account” link at the top of every page is a triangle; click on this for a menu of additional account options including logout.

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