Kohler: Lords of the Fly

Material culture/practice vs. ideas as drivers of science

Tools provide both constraints and opportunities

Moral economy

What are the main elements?
Role of competition vs. cooperation?
How does it compare with other types of scientific culture?
Is it deterministic to say that the use of the fly led to a particular moral economy?
Connection with "big science"

Present-day article on mentoring in science from Nature

Abstract from 4S / EASST Conference from Oxford Internet Institute Researchers Eric Meyer and Ralph Schroeder regarding collaboration in science. Link to full Abstract Book from Conference (my source for this excerpt): http://www.4sonline.org/4S_EASST_2008_Abstracts.pdf
And finally, a link to the Oxford eSocial Science (OeSS) project on Social Collaboration in Science:

Lab animals as technologies

Institutions: academic, funding


Use of evolutionary metaphors to describe biologists as well as flies: pros and cons?

Use of capitalist/production metaphors (productivity, standardization, investment) to describe lab work.

Historical context: Ford institutes mass production assembly line in 1913.

What (if anything) is "American" about this story?

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