STS 5404: Modern American Science • Weekly Schedule

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Week 1, August 28 / Introduction

First paper assigned, due Sunday, September 14.

Week 2, September 4 / Science in 19th century America: social issues and institutions

Rosenberg, Charles. No Other Gods: On Science and American Social Thought. Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997. [Rev. ed; first published 1977]

Week 3, September 11 / Creating molecular biology: laboratories and communities

STS Backgrounder #1: Knorr Cetina, Karin. “Laboratory Studies: The Cultural Approach to the Study of Science.” Reprinted in Sheila Jasanoff et al, eds., The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies. Sage, 1995. 140-166.

Robert E. Kohler. Lords of the Fly: Drosophila Genetics and the Experimental Life.

Week 4, September 18 / Discussion of papers

Short paper due Sunday, September 14 at noon.

Reading: short papers. Post comments on classmates’ papers by noon.

Week 5, September 25 / Medicine in early 20th century America: technology and identity

Wailoo, Keith. 1999. Drawing Blood: Technology and Disease Identity in Twentieth-Century America. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Final project topics due (one-paragraph description emailed to me before class).

Week 6, October 2 / Science policy: WWII as a turning point

STS Backgrounder #2: Cozzens, Susan E. and Edward J. Woodhouse (1994): “Science, Government, and the Politics of Knowledge.” In Sheila Jasanoff et al, eds., The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, 533-554.

Smith, Bruce L. R. 1994. “The United States: The Formation and Breakdown of the Postwar Government-Science Compact.” In Scientists and the state: Domestic structures and the international context, edited by Etel Solingen. 33-61.

Goldberg, Stanley. 1996 (1992). “Inventing a Climate of Opinion: Vannevar Bush and the Decision to Build the Bomb.” In The scientific enterprise in America: Readings from Isis. Ronald L. Numbers and Charles E. Rosenberg, eds. University of Chicago Press. 1996. 273-296. [Isis 83 (1992):429-452.]

Bush, Vannevar. 1945. Science, The Endless Frontier.

Kevles, Daniel J. 1996 (1977). “The National Science Foundation and the Debate Over Postwar Research Policy, 1942-1945: A Political Interpretation of Science—The Endless Frontier.” In The scientific enterprise in America: Readings from Isis. 297-319. [Isis 68 (1977).]

Week 7, October 9 / “Big Science” and its discontents

Capshew, James H. and Karen A. Rader. “Big Science: Price to the Present.” Osiris 2nd ser., 7 (1992): 2-25.

Selections from Galison & Hevly, Big Science:

a) Bruce Hevly, “Afterword: Reflections on big science and big history.” 355-363.

b) Peter Galison, Bruce Hevly, and Rebecca Lowen, “Controlling the monster: Stanford and the growth of physics research, 1935-1962.” 46-77.

c) S.S. Schweber, “Big science in context: Cornell and MIT.” 149-183.

Leslie, Stuart W. 1994. The Cold War and American Science. Chapter 9, “The Days of Reckoning,” 233-256 +notes

Week 8, October 16 / Project milestone: wiki page

Project wiki pages must be created by Sunday, October 12 at 5pm.

Reading: wiki project pages.

Week 9, October 23 / Untold Stories and Missed Opportunities: Women Scientists in America

STS Backgrounder #3: Hess, David. 1997. “The Institutional Sociology of Science.” Chapter 3 of Science Studies: An Advanced Introduction, 52-80.

Rossiter, Margaret W. 1995. Women Scientists in America, Volume II: Before Affirmative Action, 1940-1972. Johns Hopkins. Introduction and chapters 1-8.

Week 10, October 30 / Women Scientists, part 2

STS Backgrounder #4: Kerr, E. Anne. 1998. “Toward a Feminist Natural Science: Linking Theory and Practice.” Reprinted in
Muriel Lederman and Ingrid Bartsch, eds, The Gender and Science Reader. New York: Routledge, 2001. 386-406.

Rossiter, Chapters 9-16.

Week 11, November 6 / Project milestone: science in context

Papers must be posted by Sunday, November 2 at 5pm.

Reading: student “science in context” papers.

Week 12, November 13 / Nuclear physics, protest, and the politics of risk

STS Backgrounder #5: Foucault, Michel. 1980. Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings, 1972-1977. NY:
Pantheon. Excerpt from “Truth and Power,” 127-133.

Hugh Gusterson. Nuclear Rites: A Weapons Laboratory at the End of the Cold War.

Week 13, November 20 / Project presentations

* Thanksgiving Break November 27 *

Week 14, December 4 / Project presentations

Final projects due before class (post on wiki project page).

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