Science and society

What social, cultural and political factors are entwined with science in America?


Government (executive, congress, judiciary), National Academies, NSF, universities, schools, defense labs, DOE labs, philanthropic institutions, AAAS, FFRDCs, NIH, industry (R&D), professional societies, journals and magazines, organized religion, museums, IRBs, courts, EPA, USDA, FDA

Religion: institutions, belief system, social authority, political activism, education

Government roles: regulation and laws, funding, policy, education, public welfare, politics

Education and training: formal education, indoctrination, socialization, popular (museums), tacit knowledge

Forms of knowledge: scientific, ideology, institutional, tacit, socialization, common sense, belief systems

Communication: publications, dissemination, media, schools, foundations. Issues: gatekeepers, interpretation, intellectual property rights

Ethics: training, religious/moral, social mores/customs, government as arbiter, human experimentation, competition vs. cooperation/sharing, bioethics, access, sharing of benefits, treatment of animals

Boundaries: pseudoscience, professional/amateur, disciplines, national, theoretical/applied, science/technology, research/development, "good"/"bad" science, science/religion, hypothesis/theory/fact/law

Social issues: environment, health, agriculture, morality, energy, import/export (dependence, economics, conflicting regulatory regimes), safety, morality of sci/tech practices, war, unequal access to technologies/cures/benefits, poverty, lifestyle impacts, prejudice

Identities / human actors: Gender, race, class, nationality / ethnicity,

Artifacts: computers, Sputnik, flies

International contrasts: regulation, ethics, religion

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