Short Paper

STS 5404: Modern American Science • Short paper assignment.

5 pages. Due Sunday, September 14 at noon.

This assignment focuses on reading and writing academic book reviews. Skills practiced include: how to identify strengths and weaknesses of academic books and how to situate a book within the larger context of a field of research.

1. Choose either Rosenberg or Kohler and read the reviews specified.

2. In approximately 3 pages, discuss the reviewers’ reactions to the book. Summarize the pros and cons of the book according to these reviewers and note how the reviewers differ in their responses. What factors might explain these differences? (For example: date of review, disciplinary affiliation of reviewer, audience for the journal publishing the review, how the book being reviewed relates to “hot” issues in STS).

3. In approximately 2 pages, give your own mini-review of the book. Do not summarize the book’s contents or repeat points made by the other reviewers: focus instead on issues that the other reviews overlooked, comparisons with STS books not mentioned by the other reviews, or points where you disagree with the other reviewers. Be sure to comment on how you think this book fits into STS: Is it useful for understanding some particular STS issue? Would you want to use the author’s theories or methods in your own research?

4. Upload your paper to this wiki page by Sunday, September 14 at noon.

5. Between Sunday and Thursday at noon, read each of your classmates’ papers and post comments on at least three of them. To give you time to read each other’s work carefully, there is no other reading assigned for this week.

6. In class, we will discuss the papers and comments. We will collaboratively create one or more wiki pages that summarize the main issues and concepts arising from our discussion.

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